News: eCairn Conversation™ Updated

Today we’re very excited to announce that eCairn Conversation™ has been improved with several new and updated features.
Now, eCairn is an even more powerful solution for your community and influencers marketing activities.

With this new release, you get:

  • End to end outreach campaign managementManage Blogger Outreach Campaign across your organization with several community managers
    -> Manage multiple campaigns in parallel
    -> Assign users to individual outreach
    -> Track and report progress
    -> View overall campaign history pertaining to an individual influencer
  • Influencer Geo-localizationFilter based on location of the influencers to prepare a blogger outreach campaign with those selected
    -> View the influencers’ location
    -> Search within or around a specific location
  • Twitter
    -> One click access to twitter accounts from the source card
    -> Filter the community list to find out who has twitter account
  • Filter by Relevance (Updated to filter by topic)Filter your list of influencers by relevance of a topic to prepare a blogger outreach campaign
    ->Identify and rank the community list for a specific topic (i.e: brand, product, issue..)
    -> Under ‘All’, perform a one time search and find out who is relevant for it
  • New features in ‘View Graph‘ (Community tab)Export cluster of influencers from the graph
    -> Right click on a node and launch the site in a separate tab
    -> Export cluster
  • Export Enhancement (Community tab)
    -> Export now contains a comprehensive list of attributes such as Influence, Relevance, Labels (if any), Social Network accounts, Outreach campaign data (if any)
  • Import Enhancement (Community tab)
    -> Import pre-labeled influencers list (URLs) from your computer

We also made several UI improvements such as:

  1. Redesigned influencer source card with 4 tabs for:Blog card with Outreach campaigns history, traffic, Ads network, location and personal information
    – Personal information
    – Outreach data
    – Traffic profile
    – Conversation profile
  2. Hide/collapse graphs in the trend view (Conversations tab)
  3. Renamed the ‘by topic’ filter to ‘by relevance‘ (Community tab)
  4. Added a search and refine option in the ‘by relevance’ filter (Community tab)
  5. Changed the ‘from‘ email address for messages sent by eCairn Conversation(tm)

Learn more and join one of our live demo here:

Join our live demo and learn more about blogger outreach campaign, blogger geo location or how useful ranking influencer by relevance is

Watch those features in action in the video below:


Last, for our customers in France, we have pre-mapped 24 communities of French bloggers, and they’re available in the ‘Community’ tab > ‘Add Sources’ > browse ‘eCairn Lists’.

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