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I had the pleasure to attend to the SVAMA Event yesterday in Palo Alto and listen to Charlene Li presentation and here are a few notes:

Before jumping in  … some data point about Charlene:

Charlene Li :

  • one of the top blogger in social media (rank # 114 today in our top 1000 list)
  • her share of voice in the Social Media Marketing community  is:  0.4 % ( which is quite good)
  • the trends for her brand is here

Charlene Trend

  • her best “days”  in the period came from  “2009 Social Media predictions” (Dec 15th 3%) , followed by “Future of Social Networks” (March 20th 1.36%)
  • the turnaround of her blog is 7K , page rank is 5

Charlene Card

  • her frequency of posting is … variable ( two posts  in April)
  • the people that refer the most to  Charlene’s name and brand are:
  1. J Owyang ( the Forester network)
  2. B Kanter ( the Women network ?)
  3. K Hawe
  4. G Livingston ( the “Strategy first” network ? :-))

My notes from the conference – SVAMA – ( Some of the slides:Convince The Curmudgeon ).

Charlene started with a very funny video: Advertiser versus consumer: The Break-Up


Key points

  • Need to start with the corporate goals, aligned with the marketing strategy
  • On the ROI question: Come back to marketing goals and dive into how social media marketing can contribute to these goals.
  • Focus on Net Promoter Score and Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Learn, then Dialog, Help and Innovate.
  • Pyramid of where to find help ( from agencies to PR  to social media boutiques).
  • Company can make some small changes like making it easy for  consumer to bookmark and promote their content (delicious, twitter, digg). This can have significant impact.
  • Recently met a company that just wanted to dialog with 5 bloggers! Programs have to be more ambitious.
  • Company should try, understand and accept mistakes and retry until they get it. Great example is Walmart that just got a success with its checkout blog initiative.
  • Provided typical profiles from enthusiast to curmudgeon ( I’ve improved my English last night 😉  ) and tactics to bring them on board.
  • Sells 700 copies  of Groundswell a week.
  • From the panel, noteworthy that the 3 panelists (Joel Nathanson from Wells Fargo ,  Larry Nelson from HP and  Scott Wilder from Intuit) mentioned advertising on social media is something they are walking away from and gave lots of great insights on how Social Media makes its way into  Corporations.

2 thoughts on “Charlene Li – SVAMA

  1. The Charlene stats are quite interesting, nice to see a sample of what your software does. And Groundswell is selling 700 copies a week? Wow, that’s impressive for how long it’s been on the market.

    Thank you for the notes.

  2. Mark,

    I think the Groundswell has been around for almost two years. You should read it. It gives a great synopsis of the social media landscape. In fact, we wrote an article about the Groundswell not too long ago. Check it out if your interested.


    Ben Stein
    Blog Manager
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