Social Media and Scalability

One of the top discussed topic in the social media blogs is the inability for social media to scale.

What people mean by that ? , they recognize how challenging & time consuming it is for marketers to spend hours in blogs and social media versus online advertising campaigns where a brand can position a value proposition to millions of consumers in one click.

I’d like to share two observations and make my point :

One: Social media has already scaled.

There are 20+ Millions people in LinkedIn, 150+ in Facebook and Myspace, and depending on studies 60 to 80% of americans read blogs. These people (many of them) work for someone. I have collected some data using a LinkedIn question about it. (thanks to participate !)

If you are spending some time in blogs and LinkedIn, you know that a good share of these discussions are work/business related.

Hence, the issue to me is more that companies are not leveraging their people conversations in Social Media.

Two: Does Customer Support Scale ?

I just read a new study mentioning that  93% of customer want companies to interact with them in social media. and there is, to me,
some value in looking at social engagement the way we look at customer support :
Customer support does not scale more than social media. At least, before the massive investments in CRM, customer support centers,
self help systems aso, one would argue that the Customer Support process was more or less one-to-one personal conversation.

Today, very few people would question the absolute necessity for almost any company to invest in customer support.

I would bet, social engagement will follow the same path as customer service.

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