Listen to social media

Someone forwarded me this very good presentation on social media. If, like us, you’re a big believer that business will embrace it sooner
or later, it resonates pretty loud. You’ll find plenty of datapoints showing that social media is already big and here to stay.

The truth is that today, most business are unsure yet about what it means to them and what kind of relationships they need to build
with the new environment. It’s taking them by surprise and to make it worst, there’s a big cultural gap between what’s happening
out there vs what they’re used to inside….control/approval/slow decision making and so on…Bottom line, it’s kind of scary to them.

I particularly like slide 41. Why? Because when facing the unknown, and that’s really what social media looks like to most business today,
the best next step is to take action, to make a move toward it. Soon after, it becomes more familiar and we grow more comfortable with it.
So I agree: Just F**king get on! Start ‘listening’.

We do it and it really pays off in multiple ways.

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