Blog Advertising: Some numbers!

In a previous post, we looked at how frequently bloggers have their social network profile (badge) on their blog. Given that we’re also capable of detecting automatically if a blogger is part of one or more advertising network, we did a similar analysis for ad networks.
By the way, we don’t detect all networks yet, just the major ones (For the record, we’ve seen 100s of them).

As we saw with social network profiles, the numbers are quite different across topics. Here’s the skinny on the topics’ percentages
using the same topics as during our previous analysis:

  • At the top is Personal Finance blogs – ~60% – We found quite interesting that this was the ‘worst’ topic in our social network profile analysis but it’s the top one for advertising network. Are personal finance bloggers more eager to monetize their property than others?
  • 2nd is Blogging with aroun 50%.
  • 3rd ex-aequo are Wireless and Gaming with about 40%.
  • 5th is Cosmetology with 29%.
  • Then we got Enterprise Security (~20%), Social Media Marketing (~15%), Enterprise 2.0 (~13%).

Conclusion: It’s clear that advertising is widely present on blogs. What’s truly interesting is that the order above is almost the reverse order that we got when we did the social network profile analysis.

One interpretation is that bloggers that are targeted toward ‘consumers’ have a tendency to try and monetize more than those targeted
to ‘business’ but on the other hand put a lower priority on being social network friendly: For example, Personal Finance and Blogging blogs are mostly targeting consumers!

If you’ve read that far, you may ask yourself: So what? Why is that important? Why do I care?

Well, one critical aspect of advertising is relevance. If you advertise on the right blogs, you automatically get relevance assuming you pick those who are related to what you want to advertise. And if you can find a lot of them for your campaign (fyi, we ran a campaign on
900 blogs once), you get the same traffic as you would for a top website. Sweet!

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