B is for Business, Blogs and Brides

Business: Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. Weddings have grown to become a $40 billion per year industry.

Brides: They’ll spend more money on that one day than they will on any other day of their lives (with the exceptions of buying houses and paying for their kids’ weddings).

Blogs: In social media words, such a large business segment translates in a broad community of wedding bloggers/twitterers aggregating an audience of millions who are going through their wedding process. That is, approximately: 2.5 million weddings * 2 brides/grooms * 2 helping mothers * 40% who read blogs.

eCairn high-tech community social media engagement report

Top #Cloud, #Security, #Virtualization influencers and 5 tips on how to reach them

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently Foursquare. Those are the buzzwords that rightfully comes to mind when we talk social media.

Often, another critical dimension stays unnoticed: Social media is a network of virtual communities.

By communities, understand a large group of like-minded people, highly passionate, highly interconnected (through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Communities and Influencers marketing webinar

Last week, we held 2 webinars on the topic of “communities and influencers marketing”.
We believe communities are the new media (thus the decline in other type of media) and as such it’s important for brands and agencies to pay particular attention to the ones that matter.

Targeting Community and Influencer

All good fishermen know that you’ve got to fish where the fish are.fishing
All waters aren’t equal.

In the world of social media marketing, it translates into : “They’re conversations about your brands potentially everywhere, but they’re places that are more important than others”.

Marketers need to identify the right ponds for them.