How to Engage on Emotional Tweets?

As you try to build relations with new affluents, you will notice that these people frequently post tweets of strong emotional nature. Make no mistake, emotional tweets are perfect sources for engagement because emotions are social bridges;  Emotional tweets are easy to spot because they generally contain emotionally strong verbs, sentences or adjectives. In other cases, emotional […]


How to Engage on Twitter: Opinions

As you try to build relations with new affluents, you may notice that these people frequently communicate their opinion as they tweet. Most noteworthy, 0pinions are great opportunities to engage on a very personal level. Below is a breakdown of different opinion-centric types we’ve encountered:   A tweet without a link that self-contains an opinion. […]

Social Selling: Farmers and Hunters

Social Selling is now top priority for Sales & Marketing. One pitfall is to approach social selling like a “quick win” / “on the side” tactic for easy sales. Through the experience of large scale social selling projects in the last three years (mainly on Twitter & LinkedIn) , we identified four types of mindset but only one really delivers benefits and clients. […]

How to engage on Twitter: Questions & Requests

Another category of Tweets that are gold nuggets for engagement are: direct questions. As we analyzed the behavior  of many Sales Rep and Relationship Managers on Twitter, we are amazed that so few use “questions ” as opportunities to engage. It’s however that simple: “if someone asks a question, he/she is expecting people to answer […]