Real Time Search, yet another oxymoron?

Is there such a thing as a do it all real time search? Probably not. Something happens, let’s call it “small bang”. In order to “real time” search it; you have to know about it, right ? You can only search for something that you already know about. But if you already know about it, […]

Google Voice: Indexing Real Life Into Search?

Google made a fortune with its now famous: “We organize the world information”. Facebook and to some extent, LinkedIn, as well as other social networks, are about to do the same with their “we organize the world of people”. If there isn’t proof in the pudding, at least this is an interesting data point on how things are shifting.

Search, Social Search, Blog Search

One key challenge in social media is to find people, places where your target customers hang out and have conversations. They’re many solutions out there, and  no “one size fits all” one. Thus, ahead of starting your social media initiative, it’s key to develop a strategy aligned with your business objectives. Roughly, the “find” technology […]