Social Media, 2012 Elections and community facts

We’re just 1 year away from the 2012 election. It’s time to start looking at how social media anticipates the event and learn a few tricks on how to connect and influence various communities with a worthy cause.

It wouldn’t be much fun to do the analysis within the politics tribe. So instead, we’ll look at how the coming election is talked about within the LGBT, feminism, economics, sustainability and religion communities. eCairn aggregates the conversations from influencers within each of those distinct tribes.

eCairn high-tech community social media engagement report

Top #Cloud, #Security, #Virtualization influencers and 5 tips on how to reach them

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more recently Foursquare. Those are the buzzwords that rightfully comes to mind when we talk social media.

Often, another critical dimension stays unnoticed: Social media is a network of virtual communities.

By communities, understand a large group of like-minded people, highly passionate, highly interconnected (through Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).