Selling by Giving: a New Sales Mantra

  Thanks to people like Dan Pink (“to sell is human”), there is a broad consensus that the client has gained information asymmetry, (i.e he/she knows more than the sales rep); that selling has changed and that sales should start with giving. “You must give before you receive” is the new sales mantra. Sounds easy. […]

Social Networks : Where and Who are the users?

The popularity of social networks keeps growing. Older ones have already reached a plateau, like Facebook and Twitter. More recent ones are still growing significantly, such as Pinterest and Youtube.  No doubt they will be around for years and attract people’s eyeballs. If you’re a brand, how do you decide which one you should focus […]

More on Sponsored Posts: Insights from the eCairn database

Our recent post about sponsoring posts as a way to drive brand awareness mentioned two important components of a sponsored posts campaign: where you engage and who you engage. What are the tribes where sponsored posts are the most frequently published? How influential are the bloggers who publish sponsored content? A look at eCairn’s database […]


Sponsored posts: earning media through influencer marketing

In a study about social advertising published last May, Forrester evaluated the success of two widely used social media marketing strategies to promote brand awareness: organic posting (brand communication on owned media) and paid advertising. Two findings were of particular interest to us: 1. Organic posting, the most popular way for brands to reach their […]