How to find trends that can’t be found with Google trends

Information overload: Everyone tries to get meaning, detect trends and spot key events.

We have ran a few experiments showing that focusing on influencers within a niche community and using eCairn’s conversation application, it is possible to :

* learn faster than using Google Trends or any bottom up monitoring application
* learn things that are invisible to Google Trends, although they are critical for a given community

Experiment 1: Android

Social Media and Scalability

One of the top discussed topic in the social media blogs is the inability for social media to scale. What people mean by that ? , they recognize how challenging & time consuming it is for marketers to spend hours in blogs and social media versus online advertising campaigns where a brand can position a […]

Blog Posts Frequency: How much?

Has any of you wondered what’s the average bloggers’ posting frequency? Does it vary from niche to niche?

The information could be very valuable if you’re trying to estimate the time & resource you will need to put in listening and engaging with many relevant blogs in your target segment.