The Next Step in Social: Beyond Listening & Engagement #SVAMA

I went to the Social Media Event at Adobe and, as usual, it was a great experience. Great panel: Maria Poveromo, Director of Social Media, Adobe Systems Laura Messerschmitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Intuit Susan Etlinger, Consultant, Altimeter Group Rob Fuggetta, Founder & CEO, Zuberance Moderator – Chris Arens, noted influencer, author and marketing/ad agency veteran […]

Adoption of Social Media by the Gaming Industry

The presence of social media is not something that big developers and publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision have ignored. Just last week, developers of the highly anticipated Starcraft 2 announced that they will be adding Facebook integration into their upcoming title. Big players in the video game industry always play on the bleeding edge […]

marketing is dead

Marketing is Dead, you’re kidding !

  For the last three years, we’ve been listening to the same old song and success stories from Social Media Marketing experts on the why and how of SMM. The story is around: People are talking about your brand so you should be listening. Look at what happened to J&J (Motrin), Domino Pizza, now Pampers […]

Social Media or…Social Platform? : LinkedIn and IBM

Social media or Social platform?offshore-plateform

This question has been bugging me the last few weeks.
Whenever I talk about what can be done with social media from an enterprise standpoint, it pops up in my mind.
I see so many scenarios, almost endless possibilities and the term media doesn’t fit anymore.

Bottom line I prefer Social Platform.

Social Media and Scalability

One of the top discussed topic in the social media blogs is the inability for social media to scale. What people mean by that ? , they recognize how challenging & time consuming it is for marketers to spend hours in blogs and social media versus online advertising campaigns where a brand can position a […]

Social media monitoring: why, why not, when, what for

I remember in the early days :-), people teaching social media etiquette using the following example: ” you would not come to a party and start shouting I’m the best or Buy my product ! that’s no difference in social media ” Perfectly true.  Still the same people advocate brand monitoring as THE utlimate social […]