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Setting two new meetings each week is easily achievable when you engage effective in Social Selling

The eCairn Solution: 

It's time to define your ideal prospect. Focus your expertise on a specific segment of the market and become their go-to resource for financial advice. Challenge eCairn's robust back end mapping technology to identify your hottest targets based on  criteria of your choosing: affluence, professions, geographic area, general interests, alma mater, organizational affiliation, etc..

The river of tweets coming from your prospects is endless and fast moving. Don't spend your day trying to sort through the flow; your time is valuable. Let a dedicated eCairn assistant monitor for you. Based on years worth of online behavioral research, and industry compliance guidelines, your expert assistant will select the TOP opportunities for interaction, give suggestions for interacting, and effectively cut your time spent Social Selling to 15 minutes a day.

Boring your followers with articles on financial trends and industry news is NOT a social strategy. It's a waste of your time, and does nothing to build a relationship.

Stop talking, listen and add real human value.

To get the most of the time you invest in Social, you have to measure yourselves against your target market, and measure regularly. eCairn updates in real time, and also sends weekly recaps on progress, as well as archives all interaction, allowing for easy analysis of what strategies are working best for you.

Building relationships and growing your business, digitally, has never been more efficient and effective. Request a FREE consultation today.