Why marketing is missing the point in social

Unlearning marketing is a term that has surfaced recently, mainly pushed by the Adobe folks. I can’t  agree more.  Marketing – as it was done before social media – is archaic and less and less relevant. If you look at the words of marketing,  you clearly see it was built to address a flat market. […]

How big is Sharknado?

For those who don’t know about it, Sharknado (now Sharknado 2) is either a cult movie or something really crazy/insane. Here is the trailer of Sharknado 2 and that should be enough for you to pick your camp:  lovers or haters.   But whether you like it or not, it was THE top trend in […]

Social must be used for Selling

Markets are Conversations as found in the Cluetrain Manifesto. More than ever those conversations take place online, customer are actively engaging with each other within the social ecosystem relevant to their passion, expertise or cause they fight for. Business are relationships. 80% of businesses are generated through referrals. Its well known that the true value of a sales person […]

How to know if professionals in a field are influencers?

How to know if professionals in a field are influencers? Here at eCairn we map the social web and constantly run experiments to increase our understanding of the social media. Recently we did an experiment in a ‘trendy’ career in the tech world, Data Scientist. Our goal was to find out if professionals in the […]

New York Times – where are the missed clicks and views?

Most of you have probably already read the very interesting “leaked” audit about the New York Times. If not, I strongly recommend you do: Innovation Report. One of the findings in this study is that there are many publishers that actually grow audiences re-purposing New York Times content, without the New York Times benefiting from it. […]

When IBM says it… must be true !

3:35- Sandy, “Social is not another media. Social is about relationship”. IBM is clearly a thought leader in Social. Everything (except the Klout reference ;-)) is right to the point.

Why should Social Marketing (re)start with strategy

Wherever we look, we find evidence that Brands get limited value from Social Media: Here is an article mentioning that out of 5000 top Youtube Chanels, only 2% are brands. and here is Chris Heuer post:  Social Business is Dead and another excellent one from Augie Ray: What if everything you knew about social was […]

Automotive Market: How Influential is Your Brand?

The 2013 figures and rankings in the automobile market are out. There is a staggering number of cars being produced and some of the groups at the top made close or more than 10 millions vehicles.

I wanted to know how it translates in social media and whether there was a strong correlation between sales or market share on one hand and buzz or influence on the other hand.

Automotive Groups Buzz in Social Media