How to use Social Selling to get two meetings per week

Getting two meetings per week with new affluents is something that every advisor can do.

It requires the following:

1- Focus

You need to define your ideal prospect, map your market and focus on a few hundred people you really want to add to your network.

Financial Advisors Influencers

2- Methodology

Corporate content is boring and regulated. Let’s face it, how many meaningful conversations have been started by publishing financial news?

Your prospects are humans and as long as you are interesting, relevant and even better helpful, they will listen.

Stop talking. Listen. Add value.


3- Measurement

It’s OK to have followers but if these followers will never buy from you, or bring you a new client, then it’s simply a missed opportunity.

To actually get the most out of the time you invest in Social Media, you have to measure yourself against your target market.

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