Apple’s popularity declining in 2013

A lot has been told about Apple’s loss of market share. Some say the company is not as innovative as it used to be. Others affirm that this is a result of competitors’ hard work to catch up with the greatest leader. Whatever the reason is, the California based company has also clearly been losing social media influencers mindshare.

If we look at the top 40 expressions from the Personal Technology community in the first and second quarters of 2013, Apple has lost many positions in the ranking.

In the first quarter, the company scored the 5th place with its iPhone 5. Even though that is a better mark if compared with the second quarter, the company’s most popular product was already behind Samsung and Microsoft. Other remarks:

  • Android and Jelly Bean are in the top 40, while iOS comes in 66th place.
  • iPad is also not in the top – iPad Mini takes the 58th place among the top expressions, and iPad takes the modest 69th.


In the second quarter, Samsung takes over, and its products have 5 out of the 10 top expressions used by the community between 04/07/13 and 07/07/13. Apple’s first mention comes in 19th place, with its iOS 7. iPad is again not on the top, and it drops even more in the rankings, down to #85.


Other highlights from these periods touching Personal Technology:

  • Phones beat tablets on both quarters.
  • Operational systems are a very important item on the agenda of tech influencers.
  • Games for mobile devices keep on top.
  • Apps are ranked in the top 10 on both quarters.
  • HTC is working its way up in the tech community, coming from 56th place in the first quarter to the 51st place in the second quarter.

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