Three reasons why brands need to monitor thousands of influencers … even if to activate 50!

There is still debate in Influencer Marketing circles on whether a brand should engage few A-list / star bloggers or many Magic-Middle ones, and whether to focus on:

  • reach (# of followers, fans, views ….)
  • relevance (%of conversations/pots/tweets that are on topic)
  • influence in the target tribe/community (which we define as use of relevant content by peer influencers in the same domain)
  • targeting “mavens” (the ones who produce content) or “connectors” (the ones who spread it).

And the truth is, it really depends on the objective of the marketing campaign.

However, whatever you end up doing (engaging with 50 or 5000 influencers), there are 3 very good reasons why you need to monitor and profile the thousands to tens of thousands of voices in your target market i.e your entire target tribe.

1- Measuring the results:

You need to measure whether your campaign is picked up by the other influencers in the target tribe.

The graph below shows a map of “Moms of Baby” influencers in France. In green are the influencers who were part of the campaign, in yellow the influencers having mentioned the campaign.

In this example, we see that the spread is limited (although the combined reach of the yellow influencers is of the order of 100,000 followers).

Using a similar approach/technique, you can also measure the performance of your campaign against any campaign carried out by competitors.

Campaign mesurement

2- Broadening your options:

Influencer landscape is getting more complex by the day. Even if you end up engaging with an handful of influencers, you still need to research and understand

  • how active and engaged they are on different platformsGarance Dore
  • where they fit in the eco-systemeco
  • where they are located (if your business is local).LA Fah NM

In today’s world, the question is often: How to find 50 fashion influencers, in the NYC area, who have a significant audience on Pinterest and talk positively about… let’s say Nieman-Marcus?

3- Understanding your competitors’ moves:

For some of your campaigns, you may not want to work with Ambassadors who also work with your competitors. But what if you did want to work with them?

Here below are showed, in gray, the influencers considered for a campaign and in red the ones who have also recently participated in a competitor’s campaign.


“Measuring your campaigns, Broadening your options, Understanding your competitor’s influencer plans”, three good reasons you should monitor your networked market!


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