PS4, Xbox 720, who will be the winner?

ImageWe stumbled upon an article looking at Google trend  predicting Xbox 720 will crush PS4:

And we also read an interesting story about “Influencers” being better at predicting “product success” than general public: .

So we looked into our “Gaming tribes” (a few thousand US gaming influencers) and looked at how these people were covering PS4 and Xbox 720 and here are the results:

1- There is a marginal difference in the volume of coverage, with a minor advantage to Xbox 720


Looking deeper on who these people were, we found out that most gaming influencers were actually covering both platforms:


The map should be read as follows:

  • every node on the graph is a person / influencer
  • green people talked about both platforms
  • yellow people talked about PS4 only
  • blue people talked about Xbox 720 only
  • grey people did not mention either PS4 nor Xbox 720 (btw the big grey cluster on the low right is made up by RPG bloggers

So, again very little difference between the two platforms.


When we put Wii U in the mix, however, we got a very different picture:



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One thought on “PS4, Xbox 720, who will be the winner?

  1. I’ve had both consoles, and played the Wii. I really liked the graphs you had in the article, displayed how they are being promoted I’m guessing? I think personally the idea that the Xbox Durango, 720, etc. will win. Why? Because it has the install base already, people are hooked on their xbox live. I love achievements and hate the PS3 trophies, and yes I know they are technically the same thing. If Microsoft buys up some talented studios, or just gives a great studio like Raven for example a great deal of money and said okay come up with the next “Halo”or “Gears”game. If they did that with about 6 to 10 new studios that came out with 5-10 new IP’s that were real games, not rush jobs, then I think with the carry over of pre installed xbox live account holders well they would be unstoppable.

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