The Kindle Fire Trend: Part I

You may have heard about the Kindle Fire that Amazon announced yesterday. News and speculation about it has been fairly sparse considering the amount of buzz that iPads have received over the last few years. Despite a short rumor going on about this same time last year, news and leaks about the Kindle Fire have been more than sparse.I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks and months to track in the buzz for the Kindle Fire. What activities are going to make news about the tablet fluctuate and why?

The new tablet is scheduled for store shelves November 15th. From now until November 15th, I’m going to track the trend of conversations revolving around this new product, I’d love for you to join me and follow along as I periodically check up on the Kindle Fire buzz in the coming weeks.

I did a quick poll around the office (as per my usual morning routine to bug everyone) and found that only 5 people around me had even heard rumors about it before today. Of those, only 3 even considered a purchase. How can such big news have such a small impact? Perhaps in developing their strategy over the next few months, Amazon could take a few pointers from Aven on making things go viral. Amazon definitely needs to focus on the earned side of their media, as Gini from Spinsucks would say.

For our study, let’s look at the volume of buzz that the kindle fire gets in the following communities:

  • Wireless/Mobile
  • Music
  • Moms
  • Fashion
  • Books

I wanted to look at more than just the tech communities; this product is aimed at a majority of consumers. Besides the tech community, I wanted to look at a few other communities which are likely to reflect general sentiment about the product. Let’s begin:

Wireless/Mobile:Music:Moms:Fashion:Books:It’s immediately apparent from looking at these charts that the Kindle Fire has a smaller share of conversations compared to the iPad. To ensure consistency, I made sure to use the same search terms across all communities. I’ve also decided to begin tracking the data starting Sept 21. I can assure you, that for the past 6 months, there has been absolutely no buzz from the communities (other than the wireless/mobile community) on the Kindle Fire.

If we look carefully, we can take away a few other interesting facts. Notice that for 3 of the 5 communities, there seems to be positive correlation between the conversations talking about both tablet PCs. People often mentioned the iPad as a point of comparison when speaking about the Kindle Fire. In the other communities, we can assume the Fire received a bit more buzz on its own. Notice also that the other communities were a day behind the tech community in buzzing about the Fire.

Let’s quickly focus on the wireless/mobile community and compare the share of mind among the community. I’ve taken the top 500 bloggers and mapped them in a virtual graph and colored the people mentioning the Fire alone in the last week in green, the iPad in orange, and for blogs that mention both in blue:
We can see that while news of the kindle has reached a majority of the community, the iPad shows a much higher share of mind on its own. We’ll check back again in a few weeks to see if this changes and take a look at these influencers in better detail. Amazon’s community managers should definitely target the grey and orange blogs towards the center of this map.

Out of curiosity, what are people talking about when they mention the Kindle Fire?

Let’s keep this in mind and we churn the data in our thinking caps over the next month.

Stay tuned as we continue our Kindle Fire buzz monitoring. It’ll be interesting to see what news will spark increased chattering in the other communities. We’ll also take a look at any of Amazon’s efforts to generate more buzz and see if that improves the volume of buzz, which is admittedly fairly weak at this stage, given the huge announcement yesterday.

As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear what you make of this data. What do you think Amazon should do to spark more buzz?

iPad killer? We'll see how the buzz holds up!

7 thoughts on “The Kindle Fire Trend: Part I

  1. This made me LOL: “As per my usual morning routine to bug everyone.”

    I’ll be REALLY curious to see how these graphs change in a few weeks. I’ve seen both some mainstream media and blogger news about it today so my guess is they wanted to do a coordinated announcement of the news starting today.

    Now I’ll be watching to see if the buzz picks up.

    P.S. I tweet at @ginidietrich. Our chief content officer, Lisa Gerber, is behind @spinsucks. Just don’t want people to expect to hear from me there.

    1. Hi Gini! I’ll change the link to your twitter right away. I’m also VERY interested in how it turns out in the next few weeks. I’ll be constantly monitoring the communities we talked about and might have a follow-up post in at less than two weeks. We’ll definitely look at the buzz surrounding the outcome of today’s announcements.


  2. I see a lot of conversations re the Kindle Fire in the writing and self-publishing communities. Another thing I have noticed is there are currently no spammers when you mention it on Twitter – for me that is an indicator that it has no buzz yet

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