eCairn Featured in CCO Issue Two: Technology, Baby!

eCairn Featured in CCO Issue Two: Technology, Baby!

CB Whittemore states that “My most valuable content marketing tech tool is eCairn Conversation™, a platform that helps to identify virtual social communities and key influencers, as well as the relevant content they create…” More on page 14 of CCO.

About Chief Content Officer

Chief Content Officer (CCO) is the quarterly print and digital magazine offered by the Content Marketing Institute.

“CCO is the first globally-distributed magazine devoted to the fast-growing, evolving field of content marketing. It is written by, for, and about the most innovative, influential global content marketers. The magazine showcases how content marketers are finding success in the field, focusing on the tools, technologies and processes they use to help marketers learn new publishing skills and apply lessons to their own organizations.”

For more about CCO visit their website. It is currently free while they are on beta, so make sure to sign up!

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