A must watch video from Seth Godin !

This 7 mn Video from Seth Godin  is the best  introduction I have seen so far on social media marketing (i.e not spamming social channels the old fashion web 1.0 way)


5 thoughts on “A must watch video from Seth Godin !

  1. Its a great video of Seth Godin, with very good questions asked. It is also a testament to the power of the video medium. I have read several of Seth’s books, and saw him live at a recent presentation in Orange County and was only modestly impressed. The video format forces him to give short, condensed answers, where his brilliance really shows. Not only I resonate with every single point he makes in this video, but Im glad my respect for him and his views has grown tremendously during the 7 minutes spent watching this. Thank you eCairn for posting this!

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