Is social friendly content marketing the next step for brands?

Social friendly content marketing is content written from and for your community, covering topics with a high level of interest for it. Most of high and magic middle influencers in the Social Media Marketing community talked about social friendly content marketing (orange in graph below).

social marketing community high-influencers talking about social friendly content

Here is our take on how we create social friendly content and how to distribute it that we call ‘social content engineering’ ©.

We got strong inspiration from:
Duct Tape Marketing on The 5 Deadly Sins of Voice Mail
Tele-Smart on From paperless to phoneless
Drew McLellan on Marketing tip #26
Chris Brogan on Our Many New Phones
Marketo on Creating Content that Sells
– video initially shot at SVAMA event, taking our host Bruce Rossiter as a use case for the speech.

The process is simple and can be decomposed in 4 steps:

  • From the original idea, explore conversations to identify the most popular topics. This is called ‘Conducting content audits’ by digitalinfluencegroup marketing agency.
  • With topics at hand, dive into your community conversations to find relevant and quality quotes (like “really good marketingfrom BandAutospy ) and links. you use them into you article.
  • Next, add your own value with augmented content. Throw a data point like the graphs on top, an argument or controversy into the mix.
  • Last is distribution through out your community. Distribution is basically two targets (with people referenced in your article and people interest in your content in the community) and two campaigns (buzz and outreach).

Do you create social friendly content for your blog, or your customer blogs that sells?

2 thoughts on “Is social friendly content marketing the next step for brands?

  1. You could do it like that, but I think it’s far more effective to be part of the conversation when it gets going. That way you can nudge the conversation along until it goes critical and step back and watch the interaction heat up by itself. Moderation meets instigation.

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