Breaking news: eCairn wins Industry Award for Successful Social Technology

Today, eCairn is extremely proud that Forrester has awarded us the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards (category: B2B, Listening).

The Forrester Groundswell Awards support and recognize the principles outlined in the Forrester Research books Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies (Harvard Business Press, 2008) and Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business (Harvard Business Press, 2010).

Our joint case study with Adobe illustrates the highly differentiated benefits of a  very targeted approach to  social media marketing. eCairn stands behind the belief that the future of the web is tribes.

We want to thank the many people in the community who worked with us for years in building eCairn  Conversation(tm) , the first solution empowering brands to listen, understand and influence their relevant tribes.

The eCairn team


One thought on “Breaking news: eCairn wins Industry Award for Successful Social Technology

  1. well done guys ! I took a brief eval of eCairn about a year ago and it was great then – I just personally wasn’t ready to use it – I will be soon – its a really cool product !

    Ian Goldsmid

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