Kleiner Perkins’ SFund in 3 pictures

Mined from our VC community ( 600+ VC ranked by influence), here are the expressions that VC bloggers use when talking about the sFund.

So far, it generated a significant level of buzz for Kleiner Perkins: 5% of the daily conversations in that community, that represent a 5X comparing to the average level for Kleiner Perkins and 2X what they get when announcing the Flipboard investment back in July 21th.

However, talking social graphs ;-), very few of the top 100 did actually mention the news as of Oct 22nd.

Kleiner Perkins' SFund topic in VC influencer community

In dark brown, the top VCs that mentioned the sFund, in teal blue the one that did not.

Here is the top 3 by influence in VC community talking about sFund:

Title URL Influence rank
Silicon Alley Insider http://www.alleyinsider.com 6
peHUB http://www.pehub.com 34
VentureBeat http://www.venturebeat.com 46

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