Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept ‘10

Here are the top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs as of Sept 2010:

  • Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, and Brian Solis are consistently the most influential of the pack with posts from social media metrics, to insightful web strategies.
  • The top movers/new entrants in our top influencer in social media marketing are:
Creative Traction
Planting Seeds
Third Eye by Shambhu Neil Vineberg. Vineberg moved up the fastest and offers thoughts on a variety of topics, including technology, media and public relations.
Interestingly enough,Vineberg experienced a huge lift because he was referenced by influencial bloggers during ‘Age of Conversation 3’ in May 2010.

The chart above shows the number of conversations per week in the past 6 months mentioning Vineberg’s blog.  Data point from eCairn Conversation(tm).

  • Over half of the top 150 influencers in social media marketing moved up or down more than 30 positions since March 2010 (link here to post).

Oct 12 update: Added Mitch Joel ( aka
Oct 13 update: Last week’s post on the top 150 Social Media Blogs generated several thousands of visits, and has been generating a lot of interest.

Webinar to answer top questions like "How are the rankings calculated?" and "How are the communities defined and mapped?"

Since the response has been so high the eCairn team will be hosting a special webinar to answer some of the questions you might have including top asked: “How are the rankings calculated?” and “how are the communities defined and mapped?”

We will also be tackling one of the key challenges in marketing: “How do I find key influencers to increase my product/brand awareness?”

As a big treat for the audience, we will show the social graph of that community, and look at its current topics of interest.

Please tune in our webinar Tuesday October 19th @ 9:30!

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1Chris Broganhttp://www.chrisbrogan.comUP0
2Jeremiah Owyang
3Brian Solishttp://www.briansolis.comUP0
4Social Media Explorerhttp://www.socialmediaexplorer.comUP3
5Seth’s Bloghttp://sethgodin.typepad.comUP0
6Conversation Agenthttp://www.conversationagent.comUP0
9Online Marketinghttp://www.toprankblog.comUP1
10Jaffe Juicehttp://www.jaffejuice.comUP9
11Social Media Strategyhttp://www.convinceandconvert.comUP25
13Shel Holtzhttp://blog.holtz.comUP2
16Social Media Today
17Web Ink Nowhttp://www.webinknow.comUP0
18MarketingProfs Daily Fixhttp://www.mpdailyfix.comDOWN-4
19Mich Joel
20Internet Marketinghttp://blog.hubspot.comUP18
21Search Engine Landhttp://www.searchengineland.comDOWN-4
22Ducttape Marketinghttp://www.ducttapemarketing.comUP0
24Altitude Branding
26Micro Persuasionhttp://www.micropersuasion.comDOWN-13
28Steve Rubel Streamhttp://www.steverubel.comDOWN-1
29The Viral Gardenhttp://moblogsmoproblems.blogspot.comDOWN-10
30Drew McLellanhttp://drewsmarketingminute.comUP0
31How to Change the Worldhttp://blog.guykawasaki.comDOWN-7
32Dave Fleethttp://www.davefleet.comUP8
34Personal Brandinghttp://personalbrandingblog.comUP34
35The Buzz Binhttp://www.livingstonbuzz.comDOWN-4
36Internet Marketing Newshttp://www.marketingpilgrim.comUP0
37Harte of Marketinghttp://theharteofmarketing.comUP6
38B.L. Ochmanhttp://www.whatsnextblog.comDOWN-6
39Peter Kimhttp://www.beingpeterkim.comDOWN-14
40Greg Verdinohttp://gregverdino.typepad.comDOWN-6
41Liz Strauss
42iMedia Connectionhttp://www.imediaconnection.comUP9
43Communication Overtoneshttp://overtonecomm.blogspot.comDOWN-8
45Brand Builderhttp://thebrandbuilder.wordpress.comDOWN-6
46Servant of Chaoshttp://www.servantofchaos.comUP13
48Social Media Clubhttp://www.socialmediaclub.orgUP1
49Influential Marketinghttp://rohitbhargava.typepad.comDOWN-1
50Danny Brownhttp://www.dannybrown.meUP54
51Bad Pitchhttp://badpitch.blogspot.comDOWN-5
52Search Engine Journalhttp://searchenginejournal.comUP10
53Arik C. Hanson
54Marshall Sponder
56Strategic Public Relationshttp://prblog.typepad.comUP30
57Internet Writingshttp://www.shirky.comUP8
58PR Measurementhttp://kdpaine.blogs.comDOWN-14
59Social Media Consultanthttp://jmo+C28rganmarketing.comUP51
61SEO Blog
63Outspoken Mediahttp://www.outspokenmedia.comUP1
65Christopher S. Pennhttp://www.christopherspenn.comUP15
66Nick Burcherhttp://www.nickburcher.comUP75
67Conversation Marketinghttp://conversationmarketing.comUP158
68Inside Marketers Studiohttp://www.marketersstudio.comUP29
69Mack Collier
70Spin Sucks
71Sphinn / Hot Topicshttp://www.sphinn.comUP35
72Brains On Fire Blog
73POP! PR Jotshttp://pop-pr.blogspot.comDOWN-21
74Church of the Customerhttp://churchofthecustomer.comDOWN-21
75Search Engine Marketinghttp://www.searchenginewatch.comDOWN-1
76Peter Shankman
77Shannon Paulhttp://www.veryofficialblog.comUP0
78We Are Socialhttp://www.wearesocial.netUP1
79Customers Rockhttp://www.customersrock.netUP55
80Stowe Boydhttp://www.stoweboyd.comDOWN-39
82Brand Autopsyhttp://brandautopsy.typepad.comDOWN-37
83Andy Sernovitzhttp://www.damniwish.comDOWN-36
84Web Worker Dailyhttp://www.webworkerdaily.comDOWN-21
85Marketing Fresh Peelhttp://www.freshpeel.comUP35
86Geoff Livingston
87Edward Boches
88Simple Marketinghttp://www.simplemarketingblog.comUP189
90Going Social Nowhttp://www.goingsocialnow.comUP31
91Age of Conversationhttp://www.ageofconversation.comUP58
92Source Of Inspirationhttp://www.asourceofinspiration.comUP76
93Business Communicationshttp://www.directortom.comUP222
94PR Guy’s Musingshttp://www.stuartbruce.bizUP1
97Hitwise Intelligencehttp://weblogs.hitwise.comDOWN-30
98Global Neighbourhood
99Media Hunter
100Jye Smith
101Fresh Networks
102Andrea Vascellarihttp://www.andreavascellari.comUP183
103Digital Biographerhttp://www.digitalbiographer.comUP185
104Community Guyhttp://www.communityguy.comDOWN-17
105Jon Burg
106Shake Gentlyhttp://www.shakegently.comUP273
107Communications Consultanthttp://www.prblogger.comDOWN-36
108The Flackhttp://theflack.blogspot.comDOWN-10
110Branding Strategy Insiderhttp://brandingstrategyinsider.comDOWN-11
111Marketing & Strategyhttp://blog.futurelab.netDOWN-28
112Eric Brody
113Connie Bensen
114Online Communities
115Creative Tractionhttp://www.creativetraction.comUP437
116Planting Seeds
118Citizen Marketer 2.1http://blog.stroutmeister.comDOWN-13
119Collective Conversationhttp://blogs.hillandknowlton.comDOWN-12
120Marketing and Branding
121The Future Buzzhttp://www.thefuturebuzz.comUP17
122Doug Haslamhttp://www.doughaslam.comDOWN-34
123The Ad Contrarianhttp://adcontrarian.blogspot.comUP131
124Dan Zarrellahttp://www.danzarrella.comDOWN-13
126Drew Bhttp://theblogconsultancy.typepad.comDOWN-3
127Tom Murphy
129Emergence Marketinghttp://emergencemarketing.comDOWN-69
130Pro PRhttp://www.propr.caDOWN-60
133Deal Books
134Deirdre Breakenridge
135Sysomos Bloghttp://blog.sysomos.comUP25
136Third Eye
138Social Organizationhttp://www.thesocialorganization.comDOWN-60
139HPC | Marketing Uncommonhttp://www.horsepigcow.comDOWN-89
141New Comm Bizhttp://www.newcommbiz.comDOWN-60
142Brendan Cooperhttp://www.brendancooper.comDOWN-53
144CK’s Blog
146Advertising Labhttp://adverlab.blogspot.comDOWN-73
147Search Engine Guidehttp://www.searchengineguide.comDOWN-46
148Paul Dunay
149Jeffbullas’s Bloghttp://www.jeffbullas.comUP86
150Wadds’ PR Blog
151PR Conversationshttp://www.prconversations.comUP36

If would like more information on how we map communities and how to market to industry influencers, tune into our FREE webinar every week (Tuesday @9:30). Click here to register on our webinar.

Any feedback on the relevance of this list is warmly welcome as an opportunity to progress: eCairn team.


50 thoughts on “Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs: Sept ‘10

  1. Here’s to some new names at the top soon.

    Good to see the likes of Danny Brown gaining well, he’s one of the most consistent bloggers out there today.

    Expect to see Spin Sucks and The Flack higher next time too.

  2. I like these kinds of upward trends :-).

    On the serious side, I love that you are paying attention to influencer patterns in the marketing community and sharing them on a periodic basis. As Ben Johnston says, it’s good to see new names including the likes of Danny Brown.



  3. Hello eCairn team! This is a great resource for following bloggers who I know are working hard to provide solid content. Folks like Gini Dietrich and her team (Spin Sucks) and Arik Hanson and Shannon Paul. Hope to see some of these blogs closer to the top in the future.

    Beth Harte
    The Harte of Marketing

    1. @ greg, this is the top 150 from the English speaking Social Media Marketers. It’s ranked based on cross references and usually English speaking blog do not reference non English speaking authors.

    1. @Nibras, Sylvain, Mitch Joel is in our list (we’ve over 2000 blogs from the social media community discovered by our app) but he’s not in the top150.

      This may come from his url (if you try, you’ll understand). We will doublecheck.

      As for Mashable, it is not in as we considered it more as a mainstream media.

      Thanks for the comments

      1. @ Nibras, Mitch Joel should be #19. We’ll correct the list. He hides himself too well with his url: /twistimage/blog whereas people refer to him differently.

        1. @ Mitch. It is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience. It actually came from the two different urls. I’m sending you your “social footprint in the social media community”,it’s impressive.

  4. What a valuable list of resources all in one place! Thank you for sharing as I will never again say I don’t have anything to read or I’m out of resources as we launch our new lines. So many blogs I hadn’t heard about. Just a huge resource and a huge thanks!

    These blogs provide me with valuable insight as B. Square Clothing tries to stay at the fore-front for our fans.

    Kristen Sonsma
    Chief Strategist
    Be sure to ‘Like’ us at

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