Social Media is a factor for Employee’s Happiness

Quite often, as part of my daily reading of social media marketing blogs, I stumble on unrelated (to social media) interesting facts.

Fabrice posted a piece on 5 steps to find happiness.
1) Connect
2) Be active
3) Take notice
4) Keep learning
5) Give

It seems very relevant to me. I even think it’s hyper relevant to the workplace. I’ve never been so happy as when I was 1) part of a team, working on a project where 2) I had to give 110%, 3) highly integrated into the ecosystem 4) with a high level of innovation 5) and where everybody had to work hard together to succeed.

Happy employees is a key success factor in business. It translates into productivity, creativity and a culture of success.

Add social media to the equation, and companies will have happier employees because they will benefit from:

  • connecting with peers outside their companies
  • getting a good grip on issues and opportunities in the marketplace
  • learning from peers
  • giving back through their engagement

Social media is a big factor in the fulfillment of our cognitive and affective nature. They are huge professional benefits for employees who engage in social media.

Still, there are companies shutting down access for their employees. It’s hard to believe though they may have good reasons to do so (legal exposure in selected industries for example). While they are keeping control, they are loosing big time on workforce happiness. And it shows how much they really care for their customers.

4 thoughts on “Social Media is a factor for Employee’s Happiness

  1. Hi Laurent,
    Thanks for the mention! I completely agree, the workplace can be a great place to work. I am currently an online marketing consultant, but I previously worked at a great ad agency that was all about the team work, hard work and training.

  2. I think some employes already use Twitter to keep in contact with one another throughout the work day. Imagine if we had to write a certain amount of Tweets a day or we got fired. O_O

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