NEWS: eCairn Conversation™ Updated

Today we’re excited to announce that eCairn Conversation™ has been improved with several updated features.
Now, eCairn is an even more powerful solution for your community and influencers marketing activities.

With this new release, you get:

  • Enhanced Topical Filtering (Community tab)
    -> Choose the proper time range and number of mentions for filtering your targeted list of sources
    -> Get in one click the sources that have never talked about you
  • Suspect Source (Community tab)
    -> Watch for the red exclamation mark in the blue icon next to the source title, this may be a source you want to remove from your project
  • Easy Access to targeted conversations list (Community and Dashboard tab)
    -> Access in one click all relevant conversations from a particular source by clicking on the number located on the left side of the title
  • Fixed the Comment feed issue
    -> There were a minority of cases where the application subscribed to the comment feed instead of the post feed. This issue is now fixed.

We also made some minor UI improvements such as: 1) Display the source name under the conversation name in the conversations list 2) Sort ‘recommended’ from ‘forwarded’ in the insightful option of the conversations list refine menu.

Watch those features in action in the videos below:

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