Buzz monitoring and Buzz discovery in Social Media – Google App Inventor

I was in a middle of a demo this morning, using the VC/Startup community as a show case (with a strong High Tech Biais)  and I discovered that the buzz of the last days was “app inventor” (on the right side of the cloud)

( graph made with
I was curious about when this all happened so I trended this expression in the VC community:

… it looked to me I was too distracted by the World Cup and missed an important event.

I wondered how big that buzz was. I looked into Google trends:

NOTHING .  I tried several spellings. It looked like Google trends was “blind” on App Inventor or Appinventor or Google app inventor or Android app inventor.

Then I looked into other communities that we’re already monitoring and see that

  • in the mobile community, there was clearly a huge buzz on the topic. If you look into the graph, you’ll see that “app inventor” is 6% of all conversations in the Wireless community, whereas it was only 2% in the VC community
  • and I ended up in my favorite community, Social Media Marketers and got this amazing graph:

The share of conversation of that topic is moderate  (1 %) BUT two influencers already discussed that topic back in March:

Kudos to these bloggers who had the “flair” to write about Dr Peter Norvig conference! ( to me, one of the most relevant people on internet technologies).

Beside identifying influencers,  we’re getting into identifying innovators … and great keywords to bid on.

I wonder what the market value of the “appinventor” keyword is. So far noone seems to be bidding on that keyword


3 thoughts on “Buzz monitoring and Buzz discovery in Social Media – Google App Inventor

  1. Nice blog ‘domlah’, I was wonder how were you able to discern or discover that ‘app inventor’ is actually a buzz out of all the trending expression? Creating a ‘topic’ for each expression sound tedious or I may have missed something.

    1. @Yann.
      Nice to see you here. Looking at the list of most popular expressions for the period, “app inventor” showed up quite high (along with “consumer report”, and nyt).
      and was not something expected.
      I then, created a topic for “app inventor”. So first step is discovery, then analysis then trending.
      Hope this helps.

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