3 tips in a fast growing Social Media Marketing job market

Social Media is here to stay

Here’s an amazing data point for those who still have questions (a picture speaks a thousand words):

Still have a question?

Of course we’ve all seen the growth on the user  side (Facebook, Twitter usage and so on) but it’s now clear that business, like Gatorade, are taking social media very seriously and staffing accordingly.

I like Nic’s views that salaries are replacing media buying in social media marketing and that brands are paying for a service fee to be associated with the “who matters” (sport star in his example but if you’re a high tech brand specialized in cloud computing, it will be more the ‘cloud computing bloggers’) . Indeed when I talk to fellow bloggers, they are not seeing themselves as media per say, but as people first. A long time ago, I read from a blogger “I’m not a click, I’m not a keyword. I’m a person”. So it’s logical that business would align on this new paradigm. They have no real choice.
To me it’s even funny that we use the term social media as media isn’t the core of it.

The trend above isn’t without consequences, some good and some bad.

  • The Bad: If the number of social media marketers grows exponentially and the number of influencers (50% of blog traffic comes from 50-100k blogs according to technorati) stay roughly the same, there should be more pitches to the same pool of bloggers. Thus more Bad Pitch!!!
    Bloggers that I talked to recently get lots of  pitch every day and the vast majority isn’t at all relevant. Sometimes they complain and I see stories like that all the time in my daily musing.
  • The Good: More competition isn’t bad at all in any market. Often, it triggers change for the better and there is room for that in social media.

Thus, to stay relevant, marketers will need to:

  1. look beyond the A-list bloggers
  2. increase relevance
  3. focus on relationship building

2 thoughts on “3 tips in a fast growing Social Media Marketing job market

  1. Thanks for the link. I was with a friend this weekend who works in marketing and he verified the shift from media buying to salaries 110%. There are also some interesting startups emerging to help people identify influencers – e.g. Klout.

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