5 Tips to clean your Google Result List


You do a Google search on your product and the first link that comes up is one that ranks the top 100 worst products (your product is in the top 50). Not to mention this forum is extremely popular with would be clients.

What can you do?

Here are 5 suggested techniques:

1. Friendly: Promoting another conversation in the same forum.

Assuming you can’t beat that site, pick another conversation about your product from within the same forum and:

  • Foster additional discussions and content generation by actively participating in that discussion. For example ask questions, and offer user success stories; make this the most popular discussion in this forum.
  • Link the article internally or externally by buzzing this article in places that matter. Add comments in multiple conversations about your product that refer to this specific promoted-page. Community marketing will help you source good reviews and buzz where it pays.

2. Collaborative: Help Influencers Help You.

Find positive articles about your product from key influencers. Target influencers with high page rank and send them as much Link Juice as you can with the hope they’ll be the new winner in the Google lottery. For example add a page on your own site that connects all the positive testimonials of your product. You may not get the top spot but as a result you strengthen your supporters, which will help clean the entire page over time.

3. Control: Win the spot for yourself.

Build a page on your site with customer reviews and the reviews you’ve grabbed in your target market; promote this page by creating Buzz and Influencer outreach.

Community and Influencer Marketing are used to source and curate your content. It’s essential that you create buzz and promote to the people that matter (your target market).

You may even consider building a private community! Remember, do extensive SEO to quickly reach your goal.

4 Gamble: Bet on another top review site

Pick a high traffic review site (like Yelp) and launch a contest to discuss your product.

This new comer (Yelp) may quickly get your product to the first spot… double-check to ensure that this one is positive. Again, you can use Community marketing to buzz the contest where it matters.

5. Wealthy: Buy the spot

This is what Google AdWords is good for. AdWords is simple service, when people search on Google using one of your keywords your ad will appear. All people have to do is click on your add to learn more about your company and make a purchase. AdWords is cheap only a few cents per search and it’s a sure way to get on the top!

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