Big News!! Launch of Conversation 3.0 with new user interface

On March 8th, we are excited to launch eCairn Conversation™ 3.0!

This major release comes with a brand new User Interface and some amazing new features. We worked closely with customers for months to integrate their requests. We are very proud of our product.

This new release will change how you access the application features, making them easier to discover and use. The new navigation will allow you to:

  • Add and manage sources in your project – In particular, you will see the ‘Blog’ tab renamed as ‘Community’. This is to illustrate the fact that many different kind of sources can now be added to your project besides blogs.
  • Access and manage conversations – In particular, you will see the ‘Posts’ tab renamed as ‘Conversations’. Again this change is to illustrate that you can aggregate posts, tweets, facebook updates, linkedin Q&A, mainstream media content and so on in one single place.
  • Filter conversations to zoom on what you’re interested in – This functionality ‘Filter’ is now called ‘Topic’. Both the list in the Community tab and the Conversations tab can be filtered by topic.
  • Find ‘network’ information – The functionality within the current ‘Networks’ tab will then be available under the ‘Community’ tab.

Other improvements are:

– Navigation:

  1. Action buttons at the top of each tab to access critical functionalities.
  2. Filter pane on the right side to narrow the list against a wide range of critical criteria.
  3. Navigation between projects in one single click.

– Overall look n feel: New fonts, color, styling, improved dashboard.

– New Self-Help Center with plenty of FAQs, User Guide, tutorials and videos.

– Other enhancements specifically requested by our customers:

  1. View trends on Search and Topics (previously available topic only)
  2. RSS on Search and Topic
  3. Date range for search (in addition to all time, day, week, last login)
  4. Export up to 5000 conversations at once.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release and our team look forward in working with you! Please, join us to a 45 minutes product demonstration on Wednesday March 10th at 9:30am PST: Register now:

Below are screenshots of the 3 main tabs:

1 – Dashboard

2 – Community

3 – Conversations

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