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That’s it. The revolution has happened, is happening, will continue to happen. Social media is everywhere. It’s changing how human work together.

Last week end, I went for a sweet bike ride across the beautiful and very wet Santa Cruz mountains (quite a rainy winter here). I caught up with a group of Rock Lobsters crawling swiftly up the road ;-).

One of them is the soul and heart behind Rock Lobster cycles, a custom frame and bike manufacturer, located in Santa Cruz-California, who specializes in Scandium frame. His main marketing is himself and it’s word of mouth (and a bit of press and trade shows of course).

We chatted a bit about biking and the conversation moved to social media as he asked about my work. I was happy and surprised to discover that, on top of running his business, building and riding the bikes and all the admin around it, he has time to maintain 3 blogs (here is one of them). No need to say that he is passionate about what he does and wants his customers to know it. Blogging feels natural and right to him.
Of course those are only a few in an ocean of 1000’s bike blogs (I don’t know the exact number but I know there are more than 500 for sure ;-).

Now read this (well it’s more like listen)…and don’t miss Seth’s piece at the end in which you’ll hear:
“From professional sports mascots to balloon animal makers, some communities are so extremely niche that they could only properly thrive on the Internet. So argues blogger and author Seth Godin, who believes that our revolutionary new connectedness has brought human culture back to its roots, and that tribes (groups of people mobilized around a shared interest) are the present and future of all web content.”

Rock Lobster is a tribe. Their togetherness is real and fueled by strong emotions for the product, the people and the love of biking. One tribe amongst the many many that are out there and are, as Seth said, the future of all web content.

Small(s) is the new big.


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