J Colony & Forrester bloggers

On September 22 I was fortunate enough to have an exchange with J. Colony Forrester at the time when J. Owyang left. I believe that Forrester is defiantly making the best decision for his company. (http://blogs.forrester.com/colony/2009/09/ceos-your-changing-customer.html).

Not only is the new Forrester policy right, but it’s also a call to action for corporations to start looking at the “social capital” of their employees, as an asset that needs to be protected and nurtured.

As part of this asset Forrester could even go one step further and manage the interactions that its bloggers have on other social media properties.

This is why at eCairn,

  • We let people interact in their name
  • We make ourselves efficient by working as a team
  • We trace and measure every interaction our team members have in the Social Media Marketing community.

———— forrester blog policy – moronic policy —-