Targeting Community and Influencer

All good fishermen know that you’ve got to fish where the fish are.

All waters aren’t equal.

In the world of social media marketing, it translates into : “They’re conversations about your brands potentially everywhere, but they’re places that are more important than others”.

Marketers need to identify the right pond for them.

Let’s pick an example.

You’re a marketer of a beauty brand and you plan a blogger outreach for a new line of skincare products designed to fight aging.

The first question to answer is “where do you fish”?
All other factors equals, you may want to find the most relevant bloggers and perform a compelling, relevant and timely outreach to them.

An obvious pond to go to is the mommy bloggers community. Every single consumer brand on earth go after them those days, they’re a thriring community, they love to do reviews and will probably be very open to your outreach. Bingo.

But wait,  is this a good pond to fish in?

Let’s look at some numbers: In our db, we track 1100 ‘mommy blogger’ blogs which account for 117k posts over the last 6 months. A quick simple search on skincare, makeup and aging shows respectively 329, 957 and 135 results.
Good? Bad?
To get an idea about the answer, let’s compare with the beauty/cosmetic blogger community.
In our db, we track 550 blogs of that type, 60k conversations.
And the jury is out: Skincare gets 3200 results, makeup 12000 and aging 3100.
That’s respectively a x20, x20 and x50 factor compared with the mommy blogger community.
To add to it, here’s the # of mentions of some well-known cosmetic brands in those 2 communities:

  • Lancome: 1179 in Beauty/Cosmetic, 22 in Mommy blogger
  • Estee Lauder: 874 in Beauty/Cosmetic, 29 in Mommy blogger
  • Clinique: 974 in Beauty/Cosmetic, 42 in Mommy blogger

Conclusion: By targeting the beauty/cosmetic community which is more relevant, such a brand can earn more media, which translate in better WOM, potentially benefit their SEM effort and also create relationships with a key community (i.e: They may get them and their audience to subscribe to the brand’s blog, twitter or FB fan page) .


One thought on “Targeting Community and Influencer

  1. Not so obvious.
    For example in Poland, in automotive blogs and discussion forums people are talking about a model to choose. They already decided to buy, now consider only the choice. In automotive accessories they talk about accessories. And an idea of BUYING NEW car seems to be born most often in family forums.

    The relations between a number, a frequency, a traffic and a “marketing power” is not straightforward.


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