Cats, Dogs and Social Media

Cats and Dogs aren’t  the best friends on earth. They’re exceptions but, as a dog owner myself, I can testify of the profound animosity between the two species.

Let’s put it that way, they’re not socially inclined to each other.

Does this translate to this new planet that we call social media?

Look at this picture:

Forgive me the fuzziness, after all we’re talking furry things here.

This picture* represents the mapping of a network of pet bloggers (a sample of 400 amongst 1500 pet bloggers). The purple ones are the dog’s bloggers while the red ones are the cat’s bloggers. We also have a handful of pug’s bloggers and they’re in blue.

A picture speaks 1000 words as usual. Even in social media, dogs and cats don’t socialize with each other. Can’t change mother nature.

* The picture above was created using our newly released ‘community network mapping’ feature.

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