Conversation Intelligence: Top Social Media Marketers

We  just released an update of the top 150 social media marketing blogs.

But this time, we wanted to share a little bit more.

So we looked at the top guns (Owyang, Brogan, Rubel, Armano, Solis) and analyzed the hundreds of conversations from other social media marketers that mentioned them over the past few months, using our new conversation intelligence module in eCairn Conversation(tm).

To simplify, we display below only the top 50 ‘expressions’ found in those conversations (out of hundreds). Here are the results:
(clouds are the courtesy of

#1 Jeremy Owyang
(click on the image below to see the complete cloud in a separate window)
Wordle: Jeremy O eCairn

No surprise here: Strategy seems pretty high.
Notice the mention of Chris Brogan (which means that Chris and Jeremy are often mentioned together in the same conversations).

#2 Chris Brogan

Wordle: Brogan C eCairn

Notice themes such as ‘personal brand’, ‘social media tools’.
And of course, the mention of Jeremiah Owyang (see above)

#3 Steve Rubel

Wordle: Rubel S eCairn

One can find ‘reputation management’, ‘brand’ that we don’t see in others

#4 David Armano

Wordle: Armano D eCairn

Interesting to see themes like ‘Social business design’, ‘social business’ in this cloud which we don’t see in others.

#5 Brian Solis

Wordle: Solis B eCairn

No surprise to see ‘Public Relations’, ‘Communication’, ‘Press release’ given Brian comes from PR.

A few words about the conversation intelligence module:

  • Sits on top of our platform that collects and cleans relevant conversations from relevant communities.
  • Perform text analytics to identify and score the most common expressions (not just keyword) in the conversations
  • Practically speaking on this specific example:
    – 75000 conversations over the past 6 months from 1100 social media marketers
    – # conversation mentions per individual: 233 / Owyang; 384 / Brogan; 150 /Rubel; 202 / Armano; 306 / Solis.

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