Join us at the next SFSV SMC in the bay area

We’ll be at the next SFSV  Social Media Club on June 25th for an expert panel discussing where and how influence happens today. Look at the list of participants! Should be a fun discussion and a packed room.

It’s with great pleasure that eCairn will sponsor the event. It makes perfect sense because influence is one of the core building block of our platform and where we think we have our uniqueness.
Eastwick communications
is this month’s host. They’re wonderful people whom we’ve been working with lately.

There is not much involved in joining.  There are no fees if you’re already a social media club member, $10 if you’re not. It’s well worth the money if you’re into social media and looking for insights from others (and of course share yours).  Just show up on the third Thursday of each month. We all buy our own lunch and have a great discussion.

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