IBM 2009 Social Media Summit

On Wednesday this week, I had the pleasure to attend part of IBM’s Social Media Summit. It was well put together by
Pauline Ores (@pauline0) and Delphine Remy-Boutang (@delphRB).
The IBMers and others were and are still tweeting about it there.
Slides will be posted at some point and I guess you can fetch them though twitter by monitoring #smm09.

To me, this event is the proof, if one was needed anymore, that big corporations are getting serious about social media.  As a matter of fact, B2B magazine ran a survey recently pointing toward an increase of social media budgets (+35%)  for the 2nd half of 2009. Not bad.

Here’re a couple of notes I took when I was not chatting with the wonderful people that were watching the event with me:

  • Peter Kim – High level pitch on SM and what it changes for business
    • Every employee is a marketer (reminds me of a preso from Sun Micro which has 4000 bloggers – now don’t tell them they’re marketers ;-))
    • Liked the concept of Social business design which is possible thanks to:
      • Ecosystem
      • Hivemind
      • Signals (trigger based on business rules applied to conv)
      • Filter (compartementalize & parse conversations to pinpoint the relevant ones)
  • Jeremy Woolf (Text 100 – VP AP & Global SM practice)
    • AP: Each country different (Japan is hot on mo-blogging, HK on forums, China has its own youtube faster then youtube)
      • Facebook/myspace outpaced plentyful by local network: mixi in jpn, qq inchina, cyworld
    • AP is 41% of intenet user now
    • China
      • 162 millions bloggers
      • 1/2 millions BBS -> SM in china means forums and bbs has to be considered
      • mentioned the 57 army ;-).  300k gov people who engage in propaganda and monitor when something is said on social media about policy, Tien an men etc…everything that’s could undermine the government.
    • About bloggers:
      • 90% want to hear from mktg
      • mean of contact 1) email 2) face to face 3) comments
      • type of content interesting 1) research, insight, comment, opinion….last) corporate PR
      • recommends the use of the social media press release
      • 36% of bloggers in AP spend more than 9hrs /wk blogging (vs 95% in the US)
  • Virginia Miracle (Ogilvy pr)
    • Ogilvy’s SM model around something like:
      • Listening
        • Conversational map
        • Post reading
        • Crisis monitoring
      • Planning
        • Influencer maps
        • Engagement plan
        • Visibility plan
      • Engage
    • Examples of how SM can help spread a story/cause and supporting brands can benefit from it: Lenovo for the 2008 Pekin olympics and Livestrong for the Giro 2009 (biking race which is very fun to watch..say the biker fanatic in me)
  • Mark McMaster @ Google
    • Linkedin growing faster than facebook
    • C-suite decision making: 92% use internet (more than TV, news paper, own people),
    • Majority of under -40 execs use Web 2.0 according to Forbes. Drops off some in the 40-50 range and drops off a cliff above 50 yo; 50% CEO -40yrs old blog weekly (Very much the case in IT)
    • SMB blog usage growing faster (reading)
    • Google sees more search around blog i.e: “playstation blog”
  • Dale Durret @ Linkedin
    • Look at past implementation experience when you buy enterprise sw. LinkedIn used LinkedIn 😉 to compare the expertise of 3 implementation teams proposed by CRM’s vendor wanting their business.
    • Groups: 98 cloud computing groups! 168 SOA groups! wow seems like the ning networks (by the way most social networks powered by Ning are dead.
    • The bar, the backyard BBQ and the office stands for MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. ahh!
    • IBM has the largest number of employee on LinkedIn (+180k out of  ~350k).
      — I’d be curious to know which company wins in term of penetration #employees on Linkedin/total # employees)

I foresee more events of the same kind in big companies in the coming future to help spread the culture, value and capabilities that can transform organizations willing to embrace social media for business.

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