Social Media Conversation and Safeway.

Wow. I got a glimpse of social media wisdom on the least expecting support!

As seen and read on a Safeway grocery bag:

Connect together.
Families sharing time together during meals and other activities gives everyone the opportunity to talk and listen to one another.
It cultivates trust, honesty and understanding. It encourages learning, laughing and facing challenges together. It allows families to become great support systems and sources for self esteem.”

Let’s replace the following:

  • ‘Families’ by ‘brands and customers’
  • ‘Meals and other activities’ by ‘the course of doing business’

What I really like is the sequence: Time -> Listen/Talk -> Trust, honesty, understanding

Sounds familiar? Isn’t this applicable to social media or in general to ‘relationship marketing’?

Thanks Safeway.

Adding the link to the safeway blog which Gunther pointed out to me.

“Conversations: Ingredients for business”

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