What’s being discussed in Social Media Marketing blogs?

Ever wonder what the conversation is all about in the Social Media Marketing community?

Here’s our answer after running a semi-automated profiling of our social media marketing community (+1000 blogs, 74000 posts over
the past 6 months stored in eCairn Conversation(tm):

What How many times Share of conversation Comments
SM brands 50000 65% Top 5: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, myspace, google
Topics 2400 3.2% Top 5: SM ROI, SM expert, SM ownership, Personal Branding, Brands that got in trouble (Motrin…)
SM Stars 2200 3% Top 5: Owyang, Brogan, Darmano, Rubel, Solis
Top non-SM Brands 1800 2.5% Top 5: Dell, Zappos, Comcast, Skittles,
SM marketing solution providers 650 <1%

So it appears that the discussion is happening in this order:

  1. Technology
  2. Hot issues
  3. Key influencers
  4. Brands that exemplify SM usage

As one of the most frequent question from brands looking to dive in social media is to understand what the conversation is all about,
thus a model to profile a specific community would be very useful.

Should the model be based on the categories above (technology, key issues, key people, key brands)? What do you think?

One thought on “What’s being discussed in Social Media Marketing blogs?

  1. Those four categories are pretty good jumping off points for someone looking to join the conversation in social media. There is no doubt that one should discuss the key issues and objectives before you dive into the technology. Choosing a technology first may not necessarily benefit you strategy in the long run. You may not even be able to achieve your goals by picking an incorrect technology. Identifying key influencers and could help you build strategic partnerships and provide a model to build from.

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