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Will Twitter buy Google (ah ah)

The rumor mill has cranked up over the past couple of weeks on Google talking to (buying..) Twitter as illustrated below:

(note: the chart below comes from searching for google buys twitter (not literally but you get the idea) in the +1000 SMM blogs we listen to at eCairn)

posts_for_twoogli_by_weekFor fun, some interesting names have popped up like TwoogliTube or twiggle.

More seriously, Rex has an interesting point about how google could inject linking authority in twitter with Pagerank.

Jeff talks about whats at stake in predicting the present and how Google,
or better Twitter (could) harness it through the ability to analyze our behavior (search) vs the content itself. Opens the door for good business analytic.

I guess the whole conversation shows a growing battle in the quest to “organize the world information” in one particular area: The real-time web. Twitter astounding growth shows that we spend more and more of our time there.
As Google, Twitter and Facebook all have their distinctive value, the trick will be how to ‘integrate’ them in our daily life where time is becoming a constraint.
Not easy, especially when they start to do cosmetic integration like Facebook integrating Twitter feeds.

At least, the saga brings us all kinds of nice pictures like the following ones (courtesy of David, Gyutae and Allen) :


I have to say,
it’s a cute little bird. But Google is a mammoth and, as such, what language do they use to talk to eachother ($$$$$)?

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