Social Media: Company best venue to our memory

What creates memory?

This is a critical question to answer for the plentiful brands trying to get
our mindshare. After all that’s the purpose of communication!

In the marketing context, the question would translate in: What makes them (customers) remember IT (message)?

At least, the following factors:

  • Repetition: How many times we see IT?
  • Messenger: Who says IT?
  • Relevance: Does IT matter to me? How does IT fit into my world?
  • Motivation/Emotion: How valuable is IT to me? How likable is IT?

Relevance comes first. We filter quickly what’s irrelevant (even if repeated many many times as Tom illustrated. Or worst, we remember it but for the wrong reason like an insurance company I see all over the web with its little dancing ladies). But, if we were to remember only things that are relevant, we would be stuck in a similar thinking again and again. We’re too curious for that, routine is comfortable but it feel like the end. Novelty seeking is a key behavior as it’s associated with the potential for valuable outcomes. We need change!

Fortunately, here come the messengers. If they are people we trust, they have influence on us and can reinforce/change our inner thoughts on something.
Of course, influence isn’t a one time event, it’s a slow process where information is delivered and digested little by little to finally confirm or alter our judgment (the critical piece that transform information in knowledge).

Then comes repetition. The truth is that we forget because, if not, the nervous system would run out of memory storage. Strengthening memories by means
of repetition (in the flow, not the interrupting kind) works because only the most frequently encountered messages are remembered. Others are quickly forgotten.

Motivation/Emotion are tremendously important as studies have shown
the impact of emotions and motivations on what/how we memorize. It comes with the experience. And may be it’s not our experience, it’s a proxy one, through a friend or someone we know and was able to transmit his/her emotion
and enthousiasm to us (remember the chinese proverb: I’m told and I forget,
I see and I remember, I do and I understand)

Now let’s think together…Is there an ecosystem where all those 4 factors
are found and thus attracts more and more of our mindshare and, bonus,
our heartshare?
One, Two, Three and the answer is: Well, you found the answer didn’t you?

Most of the existing tools in the marketing toolbox can optimize on one or more dimension but not the 4 together. Propably WOM comes the closest. But clearly, there’s room for something new.

That’s why we proposed the concept of  Social Ecosystem Optimisation ™  which is about :

  1. making the influential people within your target communities like you
  2. helping the people in your target communities who like you become influential.

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