Relevant Metrics: Look in Relevant Blogs

Today, I stumbled on several very good metrics on the topic of marketers use
of social media.

Joe pointed me to this very good report and I was surprised to learn that 64%
of marketers spend five hours or more per week using social media. (I’m willing to bet that everybody spends those 5 hours nowadays, engineers too).
SM gonna outpace email at some point 😉

Michael pointed me to this other one.

Everyday I find new report/study on SMM as I listen to our community
of +1000 SMM bloggers (last year we were listening to 600…now +1000!)

Bottom line, if you do research and analysis, and you listen to relevant blogs,
you get an ongoing stream of quantitative data that has been qualified by the community. My guess is that it should improve productivity of marketers trying to understand the numbers behind their business.

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