New Feature: eCairn Conversation™ Dashboard

Today, we’re pleased to announce our new dashboard. It gives eCairn Conversation(tm) users access to a quick overview of the brand influence’s metrics in multiple views and graphs from one single web page.

Here’s a short video showing how it works (better viewed in full screen by clicking on the screen icon at the bottom right of the window below):

[slideshare id=1139559&doc=releasedashboard3-11-09-090312230725-phpapp02]

New features in the dashboard include:

  • Presence monitoring: Tracks overtime the number of conversations about a brand, a product and sentiments about them.
  • Influence monitoring: Tracks the influence ranking of one or more company blog(s), the level of connections and ongoing participation between the team and the community.
  • Community composition: Provides data about the blogs that are monitored such as ad networks, social networks used etc…
  • Latest team activities

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