About Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Making decision is difficult. We typically struggle with two dimensions when making decisions: time and people.

In your personal or professional life, you always have to juggle between:

  1. short term and long term on one hand
  2. me vs others on the other hand

People and organizations that are successful usually find a way to balance between those 2 sets of extremes. But why?

Because they have a strategy. The decision they make everyday is done
in the context of a strategy which acts like a frame of reference to help decide what’s in and what’s out. Reframing the strategy happens regularly as they progress along the road and the impacts of their tactical decision become visible.

On the other hand, people and organization that are fighting for survival or don’t have a strategy will be typically off balance, and to my experience, choose
the short term+me option or, worst, not make any decision.

Investing in social media is no different. Don’t do it because others are doing it and you don’t want to be the only one left alone. Don’t do it if you’re not able to clarify your goals and plans.
There’re so many possibilities in social media, it’s complex (number of communities, tools and so on).

A “social media strategy” isn’t simply starting with a list of todos on the most popular tools and communities;
(Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat – Sun Tzu)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flicker
  • MySpace

Craft a strategy that will help you manage your social media engagement
for the long term and balance what you want to achieve for yourself with
the WIIFT answer because the community is the ultimate driver and authority (WIIFT = what’s in it for them). Stay relevant!

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