A story about social media marketing

Imagine you can move, you can hear but you can’t see though you’re not blind (because you have a signalometer…) ;-).

Imagine you’re somewhere remote in the universe, alone, and you have
a specific message to communicate on a specific cause. So you need to move; No point of talking, nobody will hear you. If you talk, you will just add to the noise: The pure white noise of the universe (makes you want to sleep forever).

So you move fast. Still that darn white noise seems to move with you. You move faster, for years and years (forgot to say you have a longgggg life). Suddenly, you slow down. Life is around.  You’ve heard a different kind of noise, more like music.
Because you know that “music is noise that thinks’, and music has meaning
and meaning means people, people aren’t far. You’re lucky because you’ve
a ‘signalometer’: A neat device which extracts specific signals from noise though a combination of techniques such as filtering, extracting, amplification, decomposition, rearranging..a bit like the NSA in a pocket (National Security Agency)). At this point really all you hear are the musics played on the planet + the dogs barking + the bird singing. Your precious device tells you where to go (i.e: if you go here, its the dogs barking; if you go there, it’s the babies crying ..and so on… Still, no point about talking, nobody will hear you.

So, using your signalometer (tuned to find the right signals corresponding to
the message you really want to hear) as a kind of a compass, you move.
After a while, you find THE signals. You know THE people you wanted to talk to are here.  Your cause and their cause is the same. You’re welcome to talk, people may hear you. As you talk, they respond, you connect, you make friends;
your message changes, it’s not yours anymore it’s also theirs.

May be social media marketing comes from the urge to connect to a few hundred people we share meaning with and create alltogether.  And thats now all possible. We don’t have anymore to ‘listen’ to the cacophony of bad publicity,  just because we hate being alone in the universe.

In order of appearance:
The People=Your target audience
Signalometer=eCairn Conversation(tm)

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