Targeting in social media, not so easy: examples


Targeting in social media can become very tricky if you go passed the talks and demos where everything looks easy and you really try to do it.

We advocate and have implemented a two steps process:
(note that before engaging into any social media program, you’ve to be clear on your strategy and your positioning)

1) Identify your target community (where your target customers hang out)

2) Listen, search, engage and influence within 1)

Let’s look at some real case examples we stumbled upon in the last few weeks.

Green campaign for non Green Moms

I recently discussed with a top green blogger the issue of positioning.

At one point in time she had to  promote a “green/healthy” behavior towards Mom’s . As we discussed, it became clear that it was kind of counterproductive to spend time buzzing  in green blogs.  Most of people reading these blogs  are already highly knowledgeable about what you want to promote and sold on it.  What the real target is, is the “regular” mom’s blog – may have to segment further-   and you want to focus within this space on the few conversations that express concerns about climate change, healthy food a.s.o.

Mobile Social Networking

Another client example is on mobile social networking. The objective is clearly to promote mobility in blogs talking about technology for social networking.

You just can’t go to your favorite blog search or social monitoring solution and engineer the few keywords that will bring back the conversations IN social networking blogs that talk ABOUT mobile.

You go for the mobile keywords and you will be swamp by conversations (surely interesting) about mobile issues in general.

Cosmetic Blogs

One of our client also recently wanted to do some reporting around skin care issues in the cosmetic blogs.

After a first quick search, we realize that the cosmetic community was more complex than what we thought it was. Actually there are several communities interested in cosmetics.  In France as an example, you’ve got a fairly active community that talk about “bio/ hand made cosmetics”, next to a less vocal community that actually discuss and comment on luxury/exclusive cosmetic & skin care products.

To get anything meaningful out of this chaos :-), we had to map these two community and then dive into the conversations that talk about skin care issues.

This was the only way to get to the level of precision like: what are the issues around skin care for the bloggers that are  versed in luxury cosmetics.

From a 10 000 miles views, these perceptions (the signal we wanted to monitor) were buried into the huge number of discussions in “bio blogs” around the same topic.

As a friend of mine told me, when you search, 2/3 of the time should be spent on the question, the rest on the response.

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