Social Media's Side Effect

Sharing for fun, or for thoughts ;-).

I stumble on these two posts during my daily musing of our list of  ~1000 social media marketing blog.

First, a piece of psycho-analysis on twittering, which was brought to my attention by Andy:
From the clinical psychologist Oliver James:“Twittering stems from a lack of identity. It’s a constant update of who you are, what you are, where you are. Nobody would Twitter if they had a strong sense of identity.”
Me: Is it possible we wouldn’t say anything to anybody if we had a strong sense of identity? 😉

Second, a risk to your health of too much social networking, which was brought to my attention by Matt:
Based on a paper by Dr Aric Sigman: “social networking sites such as Facebook could raise your risk of serious health problems”.  Apparently it’s to do with spending less time socialising with people face-to-face and could lead to a rise in illnesses including cancer.
Me: Will that be a virtual cancer? 😉

Ever heard of the blackberry thumb?

And this is interesting…talks about how social influence spread in social networks.

Joke apart, technology is so pervasive that it’s really easy nowadays to abuse it and when you cross an invisible limit, different for each of us, you may suffer.
It’s clear that we have to be able to disconnect. We have to accept that there’s way too much to read, way too much to share with others….and we can’t know it all. And that it’s ok. May be we should spend more time in our circle of influence!

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