Agencies, Newspapers, will they all die ?

I’m convinced that  the time for “mediated communication” is over. People want to take direct control about who they are talking to and who they are listening to and now they can.

As a matter of fact, I get consistent messages pointing to that conclusion. I wonder whether it’s because change is happening THAT rapidly, whether I am just  looking for these messages  and  find them there (cqfd) , or it’s just synchronicity.

First, I had the opportunity to attend an SVAMA event, with Joxanne Darling the creator and star of Beach Walk with Rox podcast site. Lots of good advices that you can get from her site about messages, production and distribution but the main take out for me is the ” We and Them”.

Roxanne explains that everyone had something interesting to say, that now, in our time (isn’t there one guy that keep saying that?) , with the video and web technology anyone could build its own tv/blog channel.

So, the time of “we” (the public) versus “them” (the media) is over. She even noted that the need for authenticity is so great that her most popular podacsts tend to be the not-so perfect ones.

Second, I stumbled upon a series of articles relating the near death of newspapers. .I recommend that you go through the 3 parts. No need to add that we get alarming financial figures and bad news from several of them on a daily basis. (Christian Science Monitor, NYT).

Lastly , this article making the point that companies embracing social media with direct participation have greater return than the one using agencies.

That’s the real transformation behind 2.0. Tranparency, authenticity and direct interactions.

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