Blogging is/isn’t dead

Lately, there was quite a bit of conversations around ‘blogging is dead’.  This battle is over now however here’s a small analysis (using our soon to be released rating feature) on how the community of social media marketing blogs reacted to the event :

– Green = Blogging isn’t dead, Grey = don’t know (looks like everyone
had an opinion) , Red = Blogging is dead (oops see the histogram below)
Obviously it’s one of those memes that comes back once in a while like ‘advertising is dead’, ‘PR is dead’, ‘the world is about to end (kidding)’….probably because we’re in a very dynamic marketplace, new trends pop up all the time and old ones that have been around for a while are questioned (a few years
for blogging which looks like the grandma of social media technologies) .  Possibly the wired article that started it all was a link baiting tactic as I read somewhere.

Here’s a sample of some of the points of view expressed in the community :

Ted said, quoting the economist : … blogging has become mainstream…businesses are embracing it ….
– Jack said :  Giving up on blogging… because there’s a lot of crap and competition out there, is like giving up on email because of spam.
Paul said : … blogs are beginning to serve as a social media base of operations….
Adam said : … microblogging services and blogging have a symbiotic relationship and complement each other…
Seth said : … the point is to start a conversation that spreads, to share ideas and to chronicle your thinking…

There is a common theme: blogging will not go away because it serves a real purpose like no other social media activity, that is essential to social media which is where a big part of the internet audience is now spending its time.

We’re social individual. As such we have the vital needs to 1) connect
and 2) separate, be unique, stand up. It’s in our genes. If you don’t connect you’re miserable, if you don’t separate, you’re not fulfilled. Transpose that
to social media and blogging is where you can connect (and be connected to) AND you can stand up from the crowd in your own way (when you put thoughts and experiences into a blog,  it shows who you are, your point of views wrapped in a your ‘brand’).  You can’t do both in twitter, twitter is in the now. You can’t do that in social networks, you’re buried under a lot of noise.  You can fulfill those needs only through blogging. Business also have the same needs to connect (to their ecosystem) and stand up (from their competition).

Interestingly, at the same time, news are breaking right and left about newspaper filing for bankruptcy or going just online, or trying desperately to cut cost to compensate for revenue decline (heard earlier this week on NPR that one of them will start home delivery only a few days a week. It didn’t seem
to make sense to me for their customers, may be I missed something).

Blogs are essential to the social media revolution. We’re not clicks, we’re not keywords, we’re people! (Quoting someone but I don’t remember who)

Long life to blogging (by people for people) and same to bloggers ;-).

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